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Definition of Stock Taking and Functions

Definition of stock taking? Stock taking, what is that? for those of you who work in a company that has a large stock of goods in the warehouse, you must be familiar with the procurement of goods. The definition of stock taking is the calculation of the stock of goods in the warehouse before the goods are sold and marketed. The activity of calculating the stock of goods is quite time-consuming, if Read more about Definition of Stock Taking and Functions[…]



ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the right choices to move the wheels of business. The rapid development of innovation in the field of technology coupled with the current pandemic situation, like it or not, companies must take the right actions, follow developments or become one of the pioneers of these technological developments. If not soon it will be affected, Read more about ERP BECOME ONE OF BUSINESS DRIVERS[…]

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UNDERSTANDING ERP AND MRP The rapid development of the business industry certainly has a big contribution to a system, namely MRP (Material Requirement Planning), why is that? With the presence of the MRP (Material Requirement Planning) system, there is an innovation to create a system that can be used by every industry, namely ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), not only taking care of the billing department. Read more about THE DIFFERENCES OF ERP AND MRP[…]

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The need for an ERP system in a company is very important to support business continuity. There are many ERP vendors in Indonesia, so you need to choose the right ERP vendor for your business. Lots of ERP system offers on the internet with their respective advantages and disadvantages. However, do you know what ERP software is most appropriate for your needs? Read more about THE RIGHT INDONESIAN ERP VENDOR FOR YOU[…]

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ERP Software Development

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is made to automate any task in the company. With an information system obtained from ERP software, it will be easier for companies to manage each department in one database. ERP software work systems don't take up much time and are an easy and fast way to do important company tasks. So, to know more Read more about ERP Software Development[…]

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Kosta Represents Indonesia as an iDempiere Sponsor

As one of the iDempiere open source ERP software implementers in Indonesia, Kosta is well aware of the important role of the iDempiere community in developing more flexible and complex system features for the business industry. Therefore, Kosta Consulting has used and implemented iDempiere ERP software in Indonesia. Become the official sponsor of the iDempiere group. Read Read more about Kosta Represents Indonesia as an iDempiere Sponsor[…]

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Advantages of ERP Software for Business Enterprises

The advantages of ERP software are of course very many. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is usually used by organizations that wish to manage business functions in a centralized and integrated system. ERP systems controlling all business processes is another definition worth knowing. Integrated ERP systems are used by companies working in the supply chain to help keep track of all the parts that are Read more about Advantages of ERP Software for Business Enterprises[…]

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ERP System For Companies, Role And Benefits

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software means an integrated system that manages all aspects of the business. Some of the aspects referred to include aligning financial management, human resources, supply chain management, and manufacturing with the core functions of accounting. Then, how does the ERP system work and examples of ERP systems in companies? The ERP system controlling all business processes is the core of the whole Read more about ERP System For Companies, Role And Benefits[…]

Alasan ERP Membantu Industri Logistik

Reasons ERP Helps the Logistics Industry

At a basic level, logistics management is about a strategy. The supply chain itself is made up of many complex moving parts. If one chain starts to fail, this will also affect all components in logistics management. Logistics for business, including physical distribution, material handling, packaging, warehousing, sales order processing, to production planning. Not only Read more about Reasons ERP Helps the Logistics Industry[…]

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Uses of ERP Logistics Software

Today, more and more companies are using logistics software. This is because this software or software can help simplify many processes and simplify the production cycle so that it runs more smoothly. Logistics software is basically a program designed to help businesses manage many elements. The management of these elements is included in the production process, Read more about Uses of ERP Logistics Software[…]

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