Apa Itu e-Procurement dan Manfaatnya untuk Perusahaan?

What is e-Procurement and its Benefits for Companies?

?What is e-procurement?? This question may be haunting you when your boss asks you to find e-procurement (electronic procurement) software or applications. Procurement or self-procurement activities are always needed in all forms of business, both purchasing goods and services. As technology develops, procurement can be done electronically, so it is called e-procurement. What is e-Procurement? Procurement is a procurement activity Read more about What is e-Procurement and its Benefits for Companies?[…]

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What is E-Procurement in Institutions?

Increasingly used by various institutions ranging from small, medium to large scale, but what is e-procurement? This term is indeed increasingly appearing and is associated with the term good governance, which in Indonesian is defined as good governance. Judging in a literal sense, if the word procurement is interpreted in Indonesian, it means procurement. Read more about What is E-Procurement in Institutions?[…]

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E-Procurement Is A Long Awaited Solution

E-procurement is the solution that companies have been waiting for. Because a great organization is an organization that is resistant and adaptive, to the dynamics of conditions that continue to experience development and change. And along with these changes, various obstacles that were difficult to fix in the past are now slowly but surely getting various solutions offered. One of them is in terms of Read more about E-Procurement Is A Long Awaited Solution[…]

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