Opensource ERP Software Training

Kosta opened the iDempiere Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) training for those of you who want to deepen and improve your skills in ERP.


With Kosta Consulting

Opensource ERP training with Kosta accompanied by professionals who will guide you to understand more deeply with opensource ERP, iDempiere which is Java based.

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Manage everything in one system.

Freedom of expression and experimentation with opensource ERP iDempiere, there is no additional fee for licensing and can be managed personally.

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Class Package

To take part in the iDempiere ERP training at Kosta Consulting, there are packages and classes to choose from.

iDempiere Fundamentals

IDempiere Application Dictionary

IDempiere Reporting Engine

IDempiere Essential Training I - VI

IDempiere Advance Functional Training I - II

IDempiere Beginner Developer Training

IDempiere Core Developer Training I - V

IDempiere Advanced Developer Training I - II

IDempiere History & Community IDempiere Feature and Functionality IDempiere Third Party Plugin IDempiere Navigation

Roles & Users, Menu Table and Column, Window Tab And Field Report View Report & Process, Special Form Introduction


iReport Designer

Brief explanation about purchasing module

Brief explanation about sales module

Brief explanation about inventory module

Brief explanation about finance module

Brief explanation about accounting module

Brief explanation about fixed asset handling

Brief explanation about project management

Brief explanation about discrete manufacturing

Application Installation

Plugin Development - Callouts

Plugin Development - Model Document Event

Plugin Development - Process

Plugin Development - Models

Plugin Development - Custom Accounting

Plugin Development - Create Line From

Plugin Development - Special Form

Costa Training

By using open source ERP and exploring ERP iDempiere, Kosta is very confident that he will be able to compete and develop an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.